Adam Welz


Top ten reasons for hiring a wedding planner 

10. To take the stress off family relationships

9. You won’t have to deal with a florist that knows ALL brides want HOT PINK in their bridal bouquet

8. To save yourself time, the average couple will spend 200 hours planning their wedding

7. You don’t want your friends and family telling you that you would be a great candidate for the Bridezillas

6. To save you money, as planners we get deals and discounts, and keep you on budget
5. To have your dreams become reality
4. You won’t have a DJ that insists “I knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n’ Roll” is the perfect father/daughter dance tune
3. We own track shoes and love to do your running for you
2. You will have someone who can keep your vendors on time and in line
And the number one reason to hire a wedding planner…. 
1. So you can kick back, relax and truly enjoy your beautiful day!