Custom 514 Studios Lighting Packages

Booking your lighting package is easy just email Alison Oase with the desired package(s)  listed below and it will be added to your contract.

Brick Uplighting Package

Pop the brick walls of 514 Studios with your wedding colors or a warm amber.  Uplighting is an easy and affordable way to transform your event.

Price: $ 550  

*Includes set up, tear down, and delivery.

Chandelier Packages

Single Chandeliers            $200
3 Chandeliers                    $500
5 Chandeliers                    $800

*Includes set up, tear down, dimming and delivery.  For more then 5 Chandeliers please contact us for a custom quote.

Cafe Lighting Packages

Cafe Lighting For Inside        $550
Cafe Lighting For Outside     $350

*Includes set up, tear down, dimming, and delivery.

Other Lighting Solutions

Pin Spotting Light Bar (6 lights)         $200
Custom Gobo                                    $250
5ft 5 Bulb Edison Drop                      $150
10ft 10 Bulb Edison Drop                  $250